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“Dear Claudia, This is the first sincere, not formal and so spiritual thanking letter…we have received. We appreciate…this attitude! I do think publishing is about more than just business and profit. And actually, all businesses should have a social role in mind. Thank you for the personal and very encouraging letter! Will be in touch again soon!”

Katalina S. | Literary & Film Agent | Bulgaria

“I always look forward to your optimistic emails. Stay so confident and positive. ”

Silke F. | Foreign Rights Licensing | Germany

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Michael C. | Author & Publisher | USA

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My Love Letter To Bookworms brings you the best of what I’ve learned over the past years of being an entrepreneur, and you have an enormous opportunity to catch it all, so you can supercharge your focus to create your best work.

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Can’t make a decision?

Hey Future Genius, Stop Overthinking! Claudia Wittmann — C’est Moi Or Some REAL Stuff About Me

Money Or Love? Should You E V E R Work For FREE? Here’re The 3 Most Reliable & Practical Options On How Making A Point Without Making An Enemy

What they don’t teach you: The Good, The Bad And The Mean Requests For Proposals (RFP) — And How Not Come Off As Desperate

4 Things You DON’T Wanna Hear…The Most Common Writing Blockers, You’re NOT Gonna Want To Hear, Especially If You’re Having A Hard Time And How To Overcome It

LOVE This One…Forwarding: Create A Meaningful, Powerful Life You Love and Become The Person You Most Want To Be

To Pitch, Or Not To Pitch, That Is The Question: Why You Need To Do Business During A Global Crisis

Ready To Dream BIG? Here’s Your VIP Backstage Pass To Going Global From Day ONE

5 Must-Ask Questions Before You Unleash The Power Of Selling And Buying Book Rights In Publishing

How To Set And Achieve Your Annual Goals: The Step-By-Step Method For Going From Starving Creative To Thriving Creator

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Want to accomplish a big goal?

No Tricks, Just Treats: Here’s The Only Thing You Need To Do (+ 3 Reasons Why) To Get Good At Marketing Yourself And Your Creative Endeavour On A Global Scale

Failure Rocket: The Lurking Danger Of The (Over) Confident Modern Publishing Entrepreneur — Or Why Your Brand Needs To Take A Stand

Can I Have Your Life, Please? How To Brand Your Modern Publishing Business: 4 Keys To Getting It Right

Imagine, Seeing Your Name, Work And Business In Foreign Print. Yeah, It’s Awesome — And I’ll Show You How To Get It

Because It’s Your Baby: Wanna Create A Strong, Intentional And Sustainable Brand In Book Publishing? 7 Steal-Worthy Tips For Modern Publishing Entrepreneurs At Any Stage Who’re Looking To Level Up How They Communicate Their Brand And Their Books To The World

Want To Fast Track Your Business Growth? Overcome Laziness, Take Action And Get Global Recognition And Results

Make ’em Love You: Stand Out In A Sea Of Sameness And Tap Into The Real Power Of Branding

Taking The Shame Out Of Self-Promotion: Be Proud Of What You Do And Don’t Feel Ashamed To Draw Attention To Your Work

Can You Predict A Bestseller? Change Your Words, Change Your World

5 Straight-To-The-Point, Rock-Solid And Easy-To- Implement Tips To Stand Out And Stay Profitable In A Rapidly Changing Book Publishing Industry

No Matter What, Do This: Promote The Hell Out Of Your Existing Products And Services

STOP Doing This Or It Will Kill Your Creative Business: Skipping Your Unique Brand Voice And Ignoring Modern Marketing Altogether

If There’s ONE Thing You Should Never Delegate…It’s YOUR Marketing

Holy Cannoli! Can This Site Do The Dishes, Too? Here’s What I Learned Developing My New Website: 5 Quick Website Tips You Need To Know

Cybersecurity As USP: The Ultimate Starter Guide For Founders & Business Owners In The Creative Industry

15 Digital Resources That Offer Quick (And Often Cheap) Ways To Get You Started

3 Insanely Clever Ways To Market Your Biz Online On A Shoestring Budget

4 Resources To Make You An *Unstoppable* Foreign Rights Hero In Global Book Publishing

10 Money-Making Facts About E-Mail Marketing That Almost Everyone in Book Publishing Overlooks

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Stuck in a negative thought loop?

Intimidated By The ‘Big Kids’ In Global And Digital Book Publishing? This Will Help You Overcome Your Fear of Failure And Simplify Your Path To Success.

Feeling Incredibly Hurt By Criticism? Does This Make You Tense, Too? How To Deal With Disrespectful Criticism And Insults From Folks Who Combine A Strong Opinion With A Lack Of Knowledge (Trolls, Haters, Jerks).

Summer Break For You! Why Your Best Work Isn’t Achieved With Non-Stop Work. We All Need A Break — So Have A Wonderful Vacation.

Feeling Stuck Or Unsure? Need To Get Your Head Out Of Your Industry Sometimes? For Your Eyes Only: Here’re My “Drugs Of Choice” When I’m Feeling Deep In The Hole To Get Motivated Again

Trouble In Paradise? Fear Of Failure Or Why Getting Back Up Again After You Fall And Continue Is What Matters

More Isn’t Always Better And “Non-Stop” Anything Isn’t Wise! Why Sometimes, It’s Best To Say Yes To Less To Never Burnout Again

Ever Felt Afraid Of What People Might Think About What You Have To Offer? Stop Worrying About What Others Think!

How To Stay Grounded In Uncertain Times

Feeling Mentally Fried? 5 Ways To Beat Burnout

Permission To Go (And Grow) Slowly And BE EXTRA KIND With Yourself

How To Feel All High About Yourself And Your Biz

Scared, confused and overwhelmed? Help inside! (COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Support)

This Won’t Last! Update On The Current Global Book Publishing Business (Coronavirus Update 2020/2021)

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Do You Struggle To Clearly Communicate And Pitch Your Message? Here’s An Important Tip For You On How To Get Replies To 90% Of Your Pitches.

Need A Bit Of Fame For Your Business? But You Feel Like It’s All Said And Done Before? Read This.

Fifty Shades Of Yeah – 3 Undeniable Lessons From A Hand Sanitiser, You’d Be Smart To Use Them In Your Own Business Branding And Marketing

It’s A YES. How To Make Your Book Publishing Endeavour Dream Come True And Flourish – From Products To Profits: 4 Essential Tips + Real-Life-Examples To Fall In Love With Marketing, Sales And Branding

Target Audience…What’s That? Be Careful Who You Talk To: How To Create Super-Targeted, Relevant Messaging For Your Dream Audience

This Doesn’t Have To Cost You ANY Money: 5 Practical Steps To Simplify Your Brand Message

52 Quick & Dirty Tips And Lessons I Have Learned Running This Business: May It Help You With Your Own

This Subject Line Secret Will Make Your E-Mails — Book Translation Rights Offers, Manuscript Proposals, Sales Pitches Or Follow-ups — Extra, Extra Click-Worthy

Let’s Have A Laugh: How To Make Your Marketing More Fun And Your Customers Laugh Without Losing Your Credibility

How To Sell Smarter Or An Idea Worth “Stealing” From Me

How To Get More Traffic, More Conversions, More Buyers Without Spending A Single Dime On Advertising

Digital BS Pause: How To Grow Your Publishing Business Internationally With Your Website

Let’s Talk About Costly And Embarrassing Business Fails Or How To Create Amazing Translated Licensing Material For A Global Reach

Be Instantly Recognizable! Yeah, YOU! How To Get Started With Photography And Pics To Inspire A Global Audience

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“You’re a delightful person and I’m sure you deserve all the success you had over the years.”

Eduardo C. | Author | USA

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“This incredibly well-written guides exceeded my expectations: clear, concise and easy to understand. Chapeau! Your guides have become my favourite resources, that I use in my daily business. HIGHLY (!!!) recommend it.”

Ruth Ch. | Freelance Translator | Germany

Working In Book Publishing: Digital Office Survival Guide

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25 Digital Marketing Tools And Services Modern Publishing Entrepreneurs Can Trust

Imagine being able to automate work tasks and set yourself up to thrive no matter what’s going on in the world! — by adding tried and true digital tools to your business.

Launching and running a business in today’s globalised online world means endless to-do lists and ever-looming deadlines and non-stop online marketing.

And the very real fear that you might just forget the most important things and screw up your publishing adventure.

What You Get:

  • An instantly available step-by-step-guide in PDF, with 25 safe, well-supported, easy-to-implement and tried-and-tested tools, apps, software and services to manage your daily business in a digital world, which meet all requirements of international, European and often more strict German rules and laws.
  • For you, I made a list of the tools and services I use in my daily business and recommend in my Explore & Navigate sessions, and tell you why I use them, what they cost and what I do to save money. It covers:

#1 Accounting + Getting Paid
#2 Marketing + Newsletter
#3 Creative Ressources
#4 Social Media Management
#5 Promotional Material
#6 Keeping Organized
#7 Scheduling & Planning
#8 Web Storage & File-Sharing
#9 Web Hosting & Domain Registration
#10 Web-Based Communication

  • 25 Digital Marketing Tools And Services Modern Publishing Entrepreneurs Can Trust is for small business owners, freelancers, solopreneurs, and all people in book publishing who want to make an impact online and attracting an international audience.


“Hello again, Claudia. My thanks for your workbook. Most helpful.”

Dan B. | Author | USA & France

Working In Book Publishing: Digital Workbook

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5 Mistakes Even Smart Publishing Professionals Make(And How To Fix Them Quickly)

Changing these 5 things — can make or break your business in today’s digital world! — for people who want to make an impact globally and avoid these 5 most common pitfalls.

If you think my 25 Digital Marketing Tools And Services Modern Publishing Entrepreneurs Can Trust is most helpful, you can’t afford to miss this workbook.

What To Expect:

  • An instantly downloadable, easy-to-digest workbook in PDF, that breaks down the 5 biggest mistakes publishing pros make in online business nowadays and gives you context on why they matter and how to spot them in your business.
  • 5 Mistakes Even Smart Publishing Professionals Make And How To Fix Them is for small business owners, freelancers, solopreneurs, and all people in book publishing who want to make an impact online attracting a global audience.
  • You’ll get tips, tools and best practice from my Explore & Navigate sessions, to fix theses mistakes quickly and avoid them in the future.
  • I promise you will see results!

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