Strategic Consulting

There comes a time when you need specialised support for your book publishing business.

Do you feel torn between appreciating what you already have and embracing your ambition for more?

“I don’t know of anyone else out there who’s doing what Claudia is doing in such a fantastic and kind way. She’s smart, insightful, and serves from the heart. And combined with online marketing, social media, etc. to achieve it…it’s a powerful synthesis. I knew that working with Claudia was going to be worth way more than the investment.”

Jens K. | Publisher & Author | Germany

“I love your comment to stay the course to fuel positive change in the world. You are absolutely brilliant at what you do.”

Jill K.F. | Publishing Associate | Sounding-Light Publishing | New Zealand

Blank page?

What blank page? If your head and mind were blank, you would’t be on this site having all these thoughts about your big idea – would you? Are you excited you’ve found me, maybe through my weekly Love Letter To Bookworms and now your ready to get right to the good custom stuff without stressing out all the time?

Move along, and let’s pretend this detour never happened.

“Dear Claudia, Thank you for your reply, so full of energy – something quite rare in the email realm of our time…And thank you for the links you included: I will make good use of them. My very best wishes to you on all your endeavours!”

Alexander F.-D. | Copy Editor & Proofreader | Switzerland

“Dear Claudia…publishing business will depend on agents who contribute patience, attitude and a professional communication to success, like you.”

Ivy L. | Publisher | Taiwan


If you’re not quite ready yet, check out my About page including FAQ’s, and take a test drive on my Educational Training site. You’re in for more? Grab your favourite drink, join my Love Letter To Bookworms and go ahead towards your goals.

“Hi Claudia, The report did help me focus!”

Jill K.F. | Publishing Associate | Sounding-Light Publishing | New Zealand

“Dear Claudia, Thank you so much for your considerate answer. I appreciate your recommendation very much. I wish great prosperity to your business and most of all – delight in your work. You surely can make someone’s day just with joyful emails.”

Ekaterina A. | International Literary Agency Founder | Russia


Perfect for:  Business owners + entrepreneurs in book publishing

CLAUDIA WITTMANN’S Explore & Navigate Sessions

You know who you are and have an idea and a million thoughts about what you want to offer – but you’re not sure what to do next.

Or you’ve got an outstanding idea, but you’re not sure how to take it to the next level.

Is this you?


• Thinking about offering your new book to a commissioning editor​ or a publishing house or submitting your manuscript idea to an agent and wish to protect and explore the rights to your literary work from the very beginning but want an honest opinion before you go ahead.

• Overwhelmed by how to implement your great bookish idea into an intriguing pitch or submission.

• Seeking help to take away your fear of legalities, international negotiations or of accepting a third-party agreement you cannot fully understand or agree with.

• Running out of ideas and out of time to get your online publishing business off the ground.

• Juggling every single aspect of your writing and publishing adventure on your own, including sales, marketing, growth, acquisition, pre-press – and need a trusted ally to grow your business long-term.

• Needing help promoting and marketing your book idea and/or manuscript in the rapidly changing offline and online publishing marketplace and on a global scale.

• Fed-up with the “way we’ve always done it” and thinking about getting more known…dare I say, famous.

• Communicating open and honest and can keep things 100% secure and confidential.

• Want to grow, expand or transform your own business? You’ve come to the right place.

Your Explore & Navigate Session includes

Custom review of your situation

I cut to the chase and tell you straight what you need to change today to make the right next steps towards your goal. I’ll reverse engineer where you want to be to get you started right now. Not sure how to approach and talk to publishing houses, agents or service providers? I’ll give you the tools and language to communicate effectively.

How it works

My session is held via E-Mail Consulting or Zoom video. Before our session, you’ll be sent a comprehensive questionnaire and I’ll spend the rest mostly jamming on my own. My review will be posted to you in PDF, you’ll receive strategic recommendations and actionable plans. You’ll end up with more clarity and better focus on how to get the right people to say ‘Yes’.

How much time do we need together?

It depends! Before I lay my eyes on your Q, your idea or copy, it’s hard to say.

Does it need polishing or a head-to-toe revamp?

Whether it’s one page of your web copy, one book manuscript or a full catalogue, it can take a couple of hours, or it can take a full day.

Then again, sometimes a single Super Power Hour is all you need.

If you’re a new client: Start with a Super Power Hour and we’ll go from there.

Choose a package and book your session.

Explore & Navigate Session: Quick Fix

Quick Fix (30 min) – You have ONE single idea and need help to move forward and into action and wonder what it’s like to work with me? Wanna dip your toes?

You have a single book idea, a blog, a catalogue, an opt-in offer, or some other publishing-related and you want my eyes on it to get my quick “change this, keep that, make this stronger” initial thoughts. Or you’re trying to create or revamp your website, your foreign rights catalogue for a global audience and have zero idea where to start. I’ll help you map it out. €249 plus VAT (19%) for an initial session.

Inquire for your Quick Fix consulting by clicking the button.

Explore & Navigate Session: Super Power Hour

Super Power Hour (60 min) – You’re torn between knowing what your solution should be but don’t have the time to make a big commitment right now.

A single Super Power Hour can accomplish one of these things. Just ONE.

• You’ve got a foreign rights page, international rights catalogue, or other piece that’s not converting. I’ll give you suggestions to make it more powerful.

• You need help creating a persuasive website for your creative business …your Foreign Rights in Publishing and About page, your blog, your newsletter…that kind of thing.

I’ll give you a handful of options. Most clients have too many favourites to choose from and that’s a pure luxury problem.

I’ll do a whole-site, program or catalogue speed review, and give you tips, ideas and recommendations.

Do I do all this on my own, or with you, or half ‘n’ half? When you book, I’ll figure it out with you. Don’t worry, I’ll know. €498 plus VAT (19%) for an initial session.

Inquire for your Super Power Hour consulting by clicking the button.

Explore & Navigate Session: Ultramarathon

Ultramarathon (90 min) – You’re action-oriented and a “give me what I need” kind of person. This consulting is designed to laser in on what is currently holding you back, get clear on where you need to focus your time and energy and what habits, tools and actions are needed to go. €1095 plus VAT (19%) for an initial session.

Inquire for your Ultramarathon consulting by clicking the button.

A single Ultramarathon Session can accomplish one of the following things. Just ONE.

• Develop your book’s message so that it resonates with the exact foreign readers / foreign publishers you want to attract — inspiring them to pick up your book!

• Get a step-by-step process on how to craft a book pitch, create and design a catalogue or sales page with all the MUST-HAVE-features, set up a foreign rights and licensing site that excites domestic and foreign publishers, even if you don’t have a huge following.

• Get some pages out of my Foreign Rights & Licensing Global Marketing Playbook! I’ll teach you how to set up a 3-Month Online Marketing Plan.

Session packages available for ongoing support after the initial session is completed. All sales are final. No refunds. Payment for all sessions is due prior to sessions being taken.

Note: A couple of quick hits aren’t going to get you the results you are looking for. Only consistent, focused effort over time will bring you long-term success.



Perfect for:  Business owners + entrepreneurs in book publishing, who need a trusted partner and ally for the long haul.

CLAUDIA WITTMANN’S Going Global From Day One Partnership*

When you’re ready to bring on a trusted partner to develop and execute your big idea with you.

Is this you?

You want a partner that will be there for the long haul.

The Wittmann Agency partners with select clients on a revenue + retainer basis.

The Wittmann Agency Business & Partnership starts at €5K per month plus revenue share. * Limited seats.

Inquire for your Going Global From Day One Business Partnership by clicking the button.

More Attention. More Readers. More Results.