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I’m Claudia, an experienced professional and publishing pro with 2 decades of experience who is in your corner, serving as your ally, accountability partner and mentor and cheering you on to make your global dream business a reality.

“I’ve worked with Claudia for almost 20 years and it’s always been an absolute pleasure to do business with her. I greatly appreciate her sincerity, expertise, professional manner, valuable advice and kind and friendly nature. Thanks for all the great jobs thus far, Claudia, and keep up the good work with The Wittmann Agency. I look forward to continuing our great partnership.”

Ruth Chitty | Founder & CEO of Rapid Communication | Germany

Want to stand out?
Wish to maximise your book rights sale potential?
Would love to grant a licence?
I help you to do that.

So, you LOVE books, you’ve got an established publishing business and wish to start in Foreign Rights Licensing, maximise your book rights sale potential and want stand out digitally on a global scale but don’t know where to focus your energy.

Global book publishing is a noisy marketplace full of distractions and millions of offers.

You want:

  • better results and you’re so fed up with “the way we’ve always done it” and you’re looking to go beyond “cookie­ cutter” advice
  • more readers, more fans and more of your ideal customers contacting you …but you’re not sure what to do next.

I’ve consulted with several hundreds of business owners from over 90 countries and reviewed a bucketload of books over the years — and one thing is for sure: There is no one-fits-all solution.

I listen carefully to your needs and concerns and offer creative, out­-of-­the-­box and custom­-tailored solutions for your unique situation with a fast turn­around time so you can focus on your own business.

And, here’s what you get if you sign up with me:

My The Wittmann Agency is custom-designed for creatives like you who are deeply committed – it’s about supporting and helping you

  • to rise above the noise and stand out,
  • find benefit-driven and hands-on solutions to those things, you’re thinking, when you can’t sleep at 3 am
  • and give you what you need to succeed over the long haul.

Did I mention the tweaks I’ve made were done for clients like:
(Yes, I’m dropping names you might know.)

Theseus Verlag (Germany) – Lüchow Verlag (Germany) – Conbook Verlag (Germany) – J. Kamphausen (Germany) – Aurum (Germany) – Schlütersche Verlagsgesellschaft (Germany) – BuchVerlag für die Frau (Germany) – Wildfisch Verlag (Germany) – Life Trust Verlag (Germany) – Onnen Lähettiläs (Finland) – Ellwanger Verlag (Germany) – styria Verlag (Austria) – molden Verlag (Austria) – pichler Verlag (Austria) – edition styria (Austria) – kneipp Verlag (Austria) – humboldt Verlag (Germany) – Stark/Pearson Verlag (Germany) – Blottner Verlag (Germany) – Tigerbaum Verlag (Germany) – KorosNord Verlag (Germany) – Edition Reiseratte (Germany) – Dryas Verlag (Germany) – Goldfinch Verlag (Germany) – Eazybookz Verlag (Germany) – Matrix Transformation (Germany) & Brilliant Life (Romania) – Elwin Staude Verlag GmbH (Germany) -Incorgnito (USA) – Hookline (Great Britain)

just to name a few, in my Strategic Consulting and Foreign Rights Licensing. That’re services I offer.

More Attention. More Clients. More Results.