Overshoot your goals in global book publishing

Global Online Marketing + Strategy For Modern Publishing Entrepreneurs

Are you ready to think BIG?

Has 2020 woken you up to the fragile nature of your business beyond book fairs? 

You need to rethink the way you promote your titles?

You have to reinvent your marketing?

You’re looking to expand your business and offer your superb products, skills and services to an international audience in today’s digital world?

Don’t worry: I’m going to show you exactly how to do this, and I’ll walk you step-by-step through my tried & tested techniques.

Master Digital Marketing To Your Advantage


The secret? Laser-focused, custom-tailored and efficient out-of-the-box online marketing. The kind that makes people keen to wanting more.

I’m here to help you find the words, tools and strategies to make your business stand out in today’s global and digital book publishing industry, get fresh ideas to succeed through international licensing, foreign rights and online marketing and make you a go-to resource for your ideal buyers.

Result? You’ll be as close as you can to rise above the noise and stand out in a rapidly changing book publishing space.

Strategic Consulting

When you want solid guidance to get your business on track.

Foreign Rights

When you’re ready to bring on a trusted partner to move forward.

Educational Training

Guides to help you manage your business.

Claudia offers sound advice
on customer attraction, engagement, and sales.
Her excellence is incredible to me.

While business connections are becoming increasingly ‘superficial’, Claudia is a gift.

She’s a combination of deep knowledge, cutting-edge strategic skills, vast book publishing savvy (with references far beyond the book publishing industry) and offers sound advice on customer attraction, engagement, and sales.

I admire and strongly recommend Claudia’s services: for her endless creativity, for the care she takes, for the vast experience and insight she brings to each project, and for the calm, honest and always kind support she offers.

Overall, her excellence is incredible to me.”

Aleksandra M. | Literary Agent | Poland

New here?

I’m Claudia, an experienced international publishing pro with 20+ years of experience who is in your corner, serving as your guide and cheering you on.

Claudia Wittmann Founder of The Wittmann Agency

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