My dear Claudia…I like your catalogue, there are many interesting titles. One can tell just by the covers of the books that a lot of effort has been put in them, and probably a lot of love. Thank you, Claudia.

Dario B. | Editor, Croatia

International & Foreign Rights Catalogue

“Love the digital magazine and it looks so nice with Bernie’s book in multiple languages.”

Michael C. | Publisher, USA

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“Quite an impressive list with attractive titles. I like the look and feel, it kept my attention till the end.”

Björn A. | Author and Publisher, The Netherlands

Guess what? I crush hard on books.

Can’t stop buying, reading, or talking about them and best of all, I’m working with books!

If you know that feeling too well, you’ll enjoy my extraordinary indie book picks.

Be a curious creative, get inspired, set trends.

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THE ART OF MEDITATION is a comprehensive, easy to understand insider’s guide to the art and benefits of meditation. Want a longer, healthier life? The first lesson of meditation is: be yourself and begin where you are.

A COIN FOR THE HANGMAN concerns a bookseller who buys an odd collection of books in an estate sale and finds a diary, leather straps and a hood. He quickly realises that they come from England’s last executioner. Minette Walters, British “Queen of Crime”, has praised this debut novel highly. It has a morbid beauty.

WHAT LIES IN THE DARK is an intense crime novel written by a young woman with a talent for capturing the voices – be they victims, police or unreliable passers-by. Delightfully different, enjoyably grisly and intriguing and suspenseful.

THE JACOBITE’S WIFE is based on the true story of Lady Nithsdale who tries to rescue her husband from the Tower of London the night before he was to die at the scaffold. The novel is rich in historical detail and perfect for fans of Philippa Gregory (author of The Other Boleyn Girl) and Diana Gabaldon (Outlander series). How far will Winifred go to save his life? Full of intrigue, loyalty, love and drama.

THE DEATH DEALER – A True Story is an action-based, suspense-packed thriller based on actual events. What if the final item on his bucket list is…to kill a man? Fast-paced, plenty of excitement, testosteron and action — isn’t for the faint of heart.

THE LANGUAGE OF THE BLUES: From Alcorub To Zuzu If you have any questions about songs, lyrics, musicians or events, chances are you will find your answers in this unparalleled, award-winning publication. “One of the wittiest, bawdiest, most fascinating dictionaries ever.” – Gary Hill, Reuters

I update you on these books and all backlist beauties regularly. Plus I add brand new, hand-picked favourites out of all submitted books (up to 1,000 titles each year) from indie, hybrid and traditional sources. I carefully select and choose the 1% with the highest international readership potential — and I take care of that personally.

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