My dear Claudia…I like your catalogue, there are many interesting titles. One can tell just by the covers of the books that a lot of effort has been put in them, and probably a lot of love. Thank you, Claudia.

Dario B. | Editor, Croatia

International & Foreign Rights Magazine

“Love the digital magazine and it looks so nice with Bernie’s book in multiple languages.”

Michael C. | Publisher, USA

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“Quite an impressive list with attractive titles. I like the look and feel, it kept my attention till the end.”

Björn A. | Author and Publisher, The Netherlands

Guess what? I crush hard on books.

Can’t stop buying, reading, or talking about them and best of all, I’m working with books!

If you know that feeling too well, you’ll enjoy my 2020 book picks. To get inspired, click on each title now.

The Death Dealer

A Coin For The Hangman

What Lies In The Dark

The Jacobites’s Wife

I update you on these books and regularly add new hand-picked favourites, which can be first discovered in my Love Letter To Bookworms.

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Magazine For Book Lovers

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