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Our goal is to be the destination for where creative professionals and proprietors, like small presses and indie publishers, successful authors and emerging writers in all four corners of the globe get their information, global rights coverage and excellent rights service to explore their works to full potential.

As supporting member of the International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association (LIMA), the leading trade organization for the global licensing industry, The Wittmann Agency works to the highest international standards and is committed to giving the highest possible level of service providing licensing excellence.


Foreign Rights Representation + Selling Rights


Perfect for: Rookies and Experienced Publishers / Authors + Literary Agents + Creative Business Owners

We help proprietors – rights owners of literary works protected under copyright – expanding into seamless, meaningful media licensing that reward loyal fans and additional revenue.

The Wittmann Agency is exclusively representing a premier group of best-selling indie, hybrid and traditional authors and professional independent publishers of the highest regard.

You are a publisher and know a lot about your audience but there is room to improve when it comes to foreign rights and licensing. Does this sound familiar? Read more here.

You are an author and happy with your published works but when it comes to foreign rights and licensing – it’s more or less basic. Is this you? Learn more here.


Contracting Service + Legal Support


Perfect for: Rookies and Experienced Publishers / Authors + Literary Agents + Creative Business Owners

We provide fast, safe, and strictly confidential contracts services in English and German for translation rights for any territory in the international book publishing industry.

We help you to avoid common legal mistakes in the global book publishing business when it comes to selling foreign rights throughout the world.

With our award-winning solicitors, we developed specialized international licensing contracts in English and German to bulletproofing your publishing business.

We take away your fear of legalities or of accepting a third-party agreement you cannot fully understand or agree with. Why leave it to chance? The Wittmann Agency puts you in the driver's seat of your own success.

We draft and finalize these legal documents – the contracts are intellectual property owned by The Wittmann Agency – custom-tailored to your unique situation. You'll get recommendations on best practice and actionable strategies to implement in your business.

Our goal is to always get our clients the most advantageous terms possible. INQUIRE HERE.


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Legal support: The Wittmann Agency does not provide tax nor legal consultancy. For this purpose, we have access to a qualified network of cooperating solicitors (Global Licensing and Media Law, Civil and Criminal Law).


Business Mentoring + Strategic Consulting


Perfect for: Rookies and Experienced Publishers / Authors + Literary Agents + Creative Business Owners

You are a creative professional with an established business and you know what you need to do in foreign rights and licensing, but don’t have time, the staff or the desire to do it yourself, we can help.

For an overview, please read the Company Profile Brochure.

We have a team of professionals who understand publishing (especially for creative pros!) and who do the writing, translations, photos, graphic design, legal and more.

If anything of these sounds like it would help, send an E-Mail to see if we're a good fit and for details on process and pricing.



Working in International Book Publishing


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