Hey, I’m Claudia!

I’m glad to meet you, and look forward to getting to know you! For now, here are a few pieces of me and my story, so that you can know me better.

“I would like to THANK YOU for your always kind, inspiring approach, creative brainstorming and rewarding cooperation. Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve next.”

Nicole S. | Content Acquisition Specialist | Germany
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“Many thanks for your outstanding work, such enthusiasm and commitment are unique. “

Silke F. | Foreign Rights, Licensing & Acquisition | Germany

Following my Bachelor’s degree in publishing, where I specialised in book packaging and international co-editions, I began my career in international book publishing with a period of employment with Reader’s Digest Children’s Publishing in England, UK.

Then I continued my successful corporate career with various well-known publishing houses in Germany, among them Falken/Mosaik, Random House and Herder.

Before setting up my own business in 2011 I was last responsible for the collectors’ editions at Weltbild as head of their non-fiction direct mail programme.

International book publishing and I were an immediate love match.

But I noticed that foreign rights, licensing and global marketing in book publishing weren’t an especially pleasant experience – not for the hard-working publishing pros, not the creatives nor the prospects.

I thought that perhaps I could create the kind of real and professional business that creatives and entrepreneurs would actually like and enjoy while exploring great works to full potential without worrying about global marketing, industry lingo and legalities.

While my high powered corporate days saw me launching major and successfull campaigns for Europe’s largest media company, flexing my marketing muscles for multiple 8-figure revenues…the shift into “being my own boss” was anything but “high powered.”

After rough first years I doubled down, gave myself permission to pivot and learnt how to do it at scale. I discovered that building my own dream business, was by helping others achieving theirs.

Today The Wittmann Agency is ranked in the top tier of leading agencies worldwide and has been featured in the Publishing Perspectives Magazine and international licensing and merchandising magazine Total Licensing and in many other publications.

What’s The Wittmann Agency? and other FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for „The Wittmann Agency“ services.

Are these „FAQs“ really frequently asked?

Yes. Qui. Sí. Ja. Да.

What is The Wittmann Agency?

The Wittmann Agency is your source for help with:

• Developing an outstanding, results-getting, money-making online marketing strategy for your business to be more attractive for a global audience

• Representing you and your book(s) to prospects in an eyeball-grabbing, “you had me at hello” piece of presentation

• Identifying value-seeking licensees and prospects around the globe for you and your book(s)

• Avoiding common legal mistakes in global book publishing when it comes to selling, contracting and managing foreign rights worldwide

• Assisting you to promote and market your business efficiently in the rapidly changing online marketplace

How does The Wittmann Agency help with all that?

The Wittmann Agency helps committed beginners and evolving businesses who want direction, clarity and skills to master online marketing as well as marketing subsidiary rights in book publishing on a global scale.


Strategic Consulting


Foreign Rights Licensing | Foreign Rights Submission |  International & Foreign Rights Catalogue


Educational Training | Love Letter To Bookworms

Choose one of these three ways to work with me to overshoot your goals in international book publishing.

Who’s The Wittmann Agency? and What’s with the name?

It’s me – Claudia Wittmann (née Beneke) – supported by a wonderful team of freelance professionals who understand publishing (especially for creative pros!) and who do some of the writing, translations, photos, graphic design, legal and more.

The name The Wittmann Agency as a tax strategy – in Germany your name must be part of the enterprise – was recommended by a colleague, who works as Foreign Rights Manager and Editor, before I formed this company in 2011.

Does The Wittmann Agency offer freebies?

Yep – to get you started grab one of these or both of them.


 25 Digital Marketing Tools And Services Modern Publishing Entrepreneurs Can Trust


 5 Big Mistakes Even Smart Publishing Professionals Make And How To Fix Them

Who’s The Wittmann Agency perfect for?

The Wittmann Agency is for big-hearted creatives like established and aspiring business owners, publishing pros and modern entrepreneurs.

Who’s The Wittmann Agency not perfect for?

The Wittmann Agency is not right if you’re looking for a one-on-one business coach on a daily basis.

This service is not right if you’re looking to go global and market your modern publishing business or your sub-rights of your published books yourself without support, advise or strategy or with the help of a scattered network of multiple co-agents around the globe.

It’s also not right if you consider yourself a fairly advanced international foreign rights and brand licensing or global online marketer.

If you’ve already mastered:

• international and domestic book rights selling of subsidiary rights
• evaluation of rights sale potential,
• global online marketing and marketing material creation on a high-end level,
• global networking and list building,
• liaising and negotiating of rights contract terms and conditions,
• drafting and finalizing rights contracts,
• being familiar with national and international copyright and tax treaties and regulations,
• being highly-experienced in co- editions and working in alignment with hidden rules and Do’s and Dont’s of traditional book publishing
• consider yourself an expert in free and paid sales traffic generation in international book publishing — this experience is not right for you.

If you hope to succeed by leaning back doing nothing this service is also not right for you. The Wittmann Agency is for action-takers who understand that real change happens with consistent, focused effort over time.

The Wittmann Agency is also not right for those looking for help with raising funding, book production (copyediting, design and layout, typesetting, proofreading, book printing, binding), public relation to promote companies or individuals via editorial coverage or book distribution.

The Wittmann Agency does not provide tax nor legal consultancy. For this purpose The Wittmann Agency has access to a qualified network of cooperating solicitor.

The Wittmann Agency is not right for someone looking for a cookie cutter “plug and play” system to make money fast.

The Wittmann Agency offers not a “get rich quick”, „get publishing grants“ or „how to survive in publishing“ program.

Going global is a strategy, not a tactic – a marathon not a sprint.

In The Wittmann Agency you’ll have a trusted and loyal “getting great over a long period of time” partner.

Okay, I’m in and want to join The Wittmann Agency Club. Is this good company for me?

My exclusive partners and my community span over the entire publishing industry across 90 countries and territories and is still growing.

From traditional publishers, to best-selling authors turned indie publishers, small presses, independent publishing business owners and book producing companies to creative and literary agencies, website and graphic designers, illustrators, language instructors, editors, proofreaders, translators, voice-over-artists, writers, and every flavour of speaker, author, coach and consultant — the range of rich and diverse creatives we have in The Wittmann Agency community is one of our distinct advantages.

I truly think you’re made to be a The Wittmann Agency Club Member.

Read more about my Strategic Consulting, Foreign Rights Services, get my Magazine For Book Lovers and check out my Educational Training and make sure to join my widely popular Love Letter To Bookworms  where I regularly share insights around online marketing for creatives and on building a sustainable successful business in global book publishing you’ll love.

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